Un Poco de Mi, Mucho de Todo


My SIL and I started a cooking/baking blog a few years ago (GreexicanSisters) and things slowly came to a halt with life occurrences, exhaustion and just plain “I don’t feel like it anymore”.  One week led to another, then another and now it’s been almost two years since our last post.

Things have completely changed in my life and I’m living a life that I could have never dreamed of with daily new experiences and happiness and love that it seems as though my heart could barely contain it.  Along with that, there is still exhaustion and frustration and fears, but how could that not come along with all the good – it needs to be there for balance and I accept it.  Yin and yang.

I have missed blogging and cooking and baking and I have found time to fit it into my crazy schedule lately.  This blog will not be as detailed as GreexicanSisters, but just snippets of meals or “kitchen” projects that I’m able to squeeze in just to share and satisfy that blogging need.

Un Poco de Mi, Mucho de Todo…



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